Live or Life?

Two very different words separated by a single letter. Like cat and fat but much more profound.

Because we can do both: we can ‘have a life’ or ‘live our own way’ and these will mean similar things but if you REALLY look at the words they couldn’t be further apart.


It’s a flat word. Dull. Constant and samey. Your mouth can almost be closed off to everything else when you utter it and it doesn’t change your tone or make you more interesting when saying it. To live is to survive. “Let me live”- stated when your life is in danger, potentially someone has the power to make you take your last breath, you don’t want to die, you want to keep going, even if it’s the bare minimum of life to survive is all you need. There’s no hope, no chance in the word of creating change in your journey but just the promise of still being on the road.


Say it. You get a slight lilt in your tone just saying the word. It opens up your mouth to the universe and suddenly you are opened up to possibility and beauty. The softness in the ‘f’ mimics the softness of new life and the hope of living a LIFE, something with meaning, with purpose. When you have a life to lead you can also have a lifestyle: a style, a goal, an image, a.. something. Life just alludes to positivity and change. We are given a life to lead for a reason. My belief is we do have a reason to be here, that there is fate or destiny working in what we do. We don’t just live, we make impressions on other people (many or few) and we better ourselves for it and then we pass it on to the next generation, whether that be our own kids or any other people we meet as we get older.

Moral of this post: Live a LIFE, don’t just live. It becomes what we make of it and there’s always a purpose to what you do.


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