Two left feet

Nowadays I trip a lot

It became a running joke with my friends almost immediately after I first met them and it’s now a much-loved characteristic of mine. It’s weird because I was never really known for tumbling over my own feet before university and I couldn’t tell you when exactly the transition from ‘I can walk’ to ‘I don’t really know what feet are supposed to do’ happened. It’s also ironic because I’m *don’t mind the ego* pretty good on the dancefloor. For some reason I stumbled into University life.

I don’t just trip in the physical sense (feet over pavement, hands over drinks, tongue over words) I also have a special knack for ruining my own life by toppling into the most awful situations. Now THIS has remained the same my whole life whether it be from not holding my tongue at the right moment or just seriously misjudging what was going on around me. Near the end of last semester I got into such a twist that I vowed to never make a significant move in life without talking to someone trustworthy beforehand. I should not be in charge of my own life sometimes.

Is this normal? To not be able to carry myself through life without make a mess every few steps? Sometimes I look at the lives of fellow almost-adults and it’s so pristine and straightforward, they have it planned out and smoothed out*. Then there are people like me, of which there are many, whose lives are jumbled, messy and not really following a direction but they keep rolling on. These people I tend to get on with more. They take life a bit less seriously but look at every opportunity as another step not an obstacle which is probably why we trip up so much, we probably don’t filter the bumps in the road from the new paths. But alternatively, this means we do actually find the new paths and enrich our experiences so much more from it, the mistakes being learnt from. Living life as a young person you’re almost forced to take it as it comes because to be completely honest… we have absolutely no idea what lies ahead of us.

I have, however, learnt to love my bumpy take on life because often my lack of awareness leads to some of the best comic timing I could ever wish for, leading to my other much-loved trait being *again the ego* my quite awesome sense of humour. So thanks (?) brain for being a bit lost most of the time because when you do switch on it is magic.

If you’ve gotten this far into reading, thanks for persevering I know it must have been painful at times.

*It is quite possible that these people are also a mess but they hide it very well, maybe with a distracting hat, alcoholic courage or plaster of Paris.


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